Highland Learning Festival, Dingwall, 27/10/09

Using Mobile Phones in the Classroom

Alasdair Bauld, PT ML/ICT, Dornoch Academy


  • What for?
    • paired speaking
    • solo talks
    • trio discussions
    • speaking homework
    • audio versions of things to be learnt by rote
    • science experiment reports for those who have difficulty writing?
    • audio diary of things learnt?
  • How?
    • voice recorder
    • video camera
    • bluetooth
    • dictaphones for those without
    • time limit: rehearse, record, rename, remit
  • Why? – benefits
    • time saved in class
    • it’s free!
    • pupils engaged, keen to show their gadgets, often keen to show teacher how things work
    • ease of marking all on one device
    • ease of transfer to school network
      • peer ass possibilities (later on network or by bluetoothing files to each other and comparing on phones)
      • files open with Apple Quicktime
      • personal record of achievements
      • later use for revision
      • can be added to pupils’ blogs, never lost
  • Problems/limitations?
    • iPhone trouble
    • occasional compatibility issues
    • sound quality


  • Practical example – in any language you prefer!!
    • discuss in trios:
      • How did you travel here today?
      • Did you have trouble parking?
      • How long is it until the Christmas holidays?


Download powerpoint by clicking below.

Using mobile phones in the classroom

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